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Before I read Homestuck

> Alright, now you're DEFINITELY trolling us. Come on.

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Posted at 12:01pm on August 11th - 10 NOTES
#Homestuck  #imps  #John's dad  #submission  #kurlozbaby  #BIRHS  #countdown to the queue reckoning 

submitted by kurlozbaby

this really shows how full the queue is ^-^

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Welcome to “Before I read Homestuck” .The Idea is collect different stories at what you thought about the homestuck’s characters and what the story was about before you actually got round to read it. Basically stuff you didn’t know or stuff you expected before going in. … yea I know it’s another one of those confession blogs kind of >:P. Homestuck and all related elements are owned by Andrew Hussie unless stated otherwise. SUBMIT BOX IS OPEN.

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